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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Website Launch -

Visit the new look Phuket Tour Guides website at;

You will find invaluable information on the following Phuket services and tours. A list of our services and an explanation of each can be found below;

Phuket Private Tours

Phuket Tour Guides, are experts at customizing your private tour to meet your exact needs and requirements. This is an ideal option for those who would like to explore Phuket in their own time and to their own schedule.

Phuket Group Tours

This is a fantastic option for those who would like to tour Phuket as part of a group. If you would like to meet new people, our group tours are for you.

Examples of our group tours, include snorkeling at Phi Phi, Phuket Elephant Trekking, James Bond Island Tour, ATV Adventure Tours, Sea Canoe Tours, Phuket Fantasea, Phuket White Water Rafting, Siam Safari Tours.

Phuket Tour Guide Service

Phuket Tour Guides offers, luxury tailor-made private tours. You will be personally assigned your own Phuket Tour Guide, who will ensure that your holiday is truly memorable.

All of our tour guides are highly experienced local residents, who are fluent in both English and Thai. They are all extremely knowledgeable in everything Phuket.

Phuket Private Charter Of Boats & Yachts

Phuket Tour Guides, offers an unforgettable chance to charter a boat. The tour is completely tailored to your itinerary. You may take in any of the islands you would be interested in visiting - at your leisure.

Just allow the experienced crew to take care of everything and enjoy your time to relax. You can be assured that you will be taken care of throughout this tour.

Phuket Airport Transfer Services

If you are traveling to Phuket, do you have reliable transportation from the airport to your destination? This service is designed to ensure that you have trustworthy transport to and from Phuket Airport.

Deal directly with us to get the best possible price for your journey from the airport to your destination. Pre-booking will ensure that a car is waiting for you on your arrival.

There will be no need to wait for available transport at the airport or negotiate a price for your journey. We will be waiting to take you straight to your destination.

Phuket Hotel Finder

Phuket Tour Guides, has extensive links within the Phuket hotel community. We are able to advise our clients on suitable hotels, which meets their needs and budget.

We are able to recommend hotels in all price brackets from hostels to guesthouses to 5 Star hotels. Whatever, you are looking for in your hotel accommodation we can find the perfect match.

We also offer a special service to find Phuket holiday apartments. Simply inform us of the area you would be interested in and any requirements you may have.

Phuket SOS Service

Phuket Tour Guides, offers friendly and valuable help. Our guides are all long standing residents of Phuket. They are highly experienced and have many links within the local community.

Remote SOS Service

This service, is also available for those who are not in Phuket. If you have a loved one traveling or staying in Phuket and you can not contact them, we will be happy to find them for you.

Phuket Tour Guides, will inform you as soon as we have made contact with your loved one. If you would like us to deliver a message we can do this for you.

Phuket Concierge Services

Phuket Tour Guides, provides a complete lifestyle concierge service. We are able to organise any services or tours that you may require.

We have extensive links within the Phuket business community including, Phuket Hotels, Phuket Lawyers, Phuket Real Estate Agents, Phuket Shops, Phuket Restaurants. We can assist you with any concierge services you need.

Phuket Honeymoon Tours

Phuket Tour Guides, offers a custom honeymoon service. If you are spending your honeymoon in phuket, you can trust us to ensure you have a dream holiday.

We understand the importance of your honeymoon being a once in a lifetime trip. This is why we tailor-make tours, to meet your exact requirements.

Whatever your budget and interests, we will be able to recommend and organise your perfect tour. We can organise unique private tours just for the two of you.

We offer a wide range of tours, which can be fully customised. If you have a specific interest or tour in mind, we will be happy to work with you to organise a tour.

Phuket Orientation Tours

Phuket Tour Guides, offers a special orientation tour. This is a perfect tour for first time visitors to Phuket. You will be assigned a private tour guide, who will take you on an introduction tour.

Our tour guides, are all fluent in both English and Thai. They are also long standing residents of Phuket - with expert knowledge. Your guide will give practical advice and information, in regards to where to eat, where to shop, local facilities, local orientation, what to do in the event of an emergency, etc.

This is an ideal way to begin your stay and to also get familiarized with Phuket. Your tour guide, will introduce you to your new surroundings - at your own pace. Furthermore, your tour guide will take you on a tour of Phuket's landmarks.

Copyright: Phuket Tour Guides

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