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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Phuket Zoo & Aquarium

Set in 30 rai (12 acres) of lush tropical gardens, the Zoo also boasts an aquarium, bird park and orchid gardens. Phuket Zoo is stuated in the Muang District, roughly half way between Phuket City and Chalong. It is approximately 25kms from Patong. Phuket Zoo is privately owned, growing from it's roots as a home zoo, into the fantastic tourist attraction it is today.

Phuket Zoo provides a great family day out for people of all ages. It is open daily from 08:30am to 18:00pm. Children and adults alike will enjoy seeing the crocodiles, elephants, camels, tigers, ostriches, emus, monkeys and much more. Phuket Zoo is particularly famous for it's monkey, crocodile and elephant shows. The shows take place on a daily basis and are performed between 3 and 4 times per day.

The monkey show involves short-tailed macaque monkeys, who have previously worked as coconut pickers. The show sees the monkeys performing basic arithmetic with numbers suggested by their audience. The monkeys also play basketball and dive for coins.

Monkey Show: 09.00, 12.00, 14.30 and 16.45 hrs.

The crocodile show demonstrates a trainer catching and holding a crocodile, which is much bigger than he is. The trainer will also place his head into the crocodile's mouth.

Crocodile Shows: 09.45, 12.45, 15.15 and 17.30 hrs.

The elephant show compromises of the elephants showing their skill in such areas as balancing acts, disco dancing and races. After the performance, members of the audience are able to have their photo taken with the elephants and also feed them bananas.

Elephant Shows: 10.30, 13.30 and 16.00 hrs.

The Aquarium

Enter the aquarium through the large novelty crocodiles mouth. The walls are lined with huge tanks filled with 30,000 liters of water - home to a range of fresh and salt water species. The tanks have been designed to represent the natural habitat of the fish. One particular tank is designed to resemble a coral reef. Upstairs you will find a variety of smaller aquarium fishes, frogs, lizards, giant snakes, nocturnal birds and animals. You will also find a presentation of seashells and fishing equipment. There is a food and drink counter in the aquarium with souvenirs for sale.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chalong Temple Tour, Phuket

Wat Chalong, is located approximately 8kms south-east of Phuket Town. This beautiful temple is the largest and most ornate of the 29 Buddhist monasteries in Phuket. Wat Chalong is rich in historical foundations. The Wat is associated with three revered monks of Luang Pro Chaem. The monks were all renowned herbal doctors and setters of bones. In 1876 - during the reign of Rama V - the three monks, helped the people of Phuket to put down the Ahngyee- Chinese Coolie Rebellion.

Statues of Luang Por Chuang, Luang Por Gluam and other monks - who were Abbots of the temple in later years - are enshrined here. The monks are highly revered are recipients of offerings by the people of Phuket.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Promthep Cape Tour

'Prom' is the Thai word for the Hindu God, 'Brahma' which signifies purity. 'Thep' is the Thai word for 'God.' It has formally been referred to as, 'God's Cape' by the local Phuket people. Historically, Promthep Cape was a prominent feature for early seafarers, approaching Phuket from the sub-continents. Promthep Cape, is the most Southern point of Phuket Island. It is essentially, headland extending into the sea. This simply stunning location overlooks various Phuket Capes such as Kho Man, Rawai, Yanui and Nai Harn.

You will also find a lighthouse situated here, complete with viewing platform. Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse offers beautiful views into the sea, the surrounding capes and the South coast of Phuket. Inside the lighthouse you will find an interesting nautical museum. Next to the lighthouse you will find a Buddhist shrine, complete with elephant statues. A monument to the 28th Son of Rama V, The Prince of Jumborn, can also be viewed. After leaving for England to become a naval cadet - the Prince returned 6 years later to build the first military base in Phuket.

There are market stalls in the car park area, selling souvenirs, silk shirts, cotton shirts, t-shirts, hats etc. You will also find a Restaurant located at Promthep Cape. Promthep Cape is Phuket’s most popular viewpoint, particularly famous for it's truly spectacular sunsets. The sunset at Promthep Cape is a Phuket experience, which should not be missed.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Phuket Information

Phuket Geography

Pronounced ""poo-get", Phuket (ภูเก็ต) is Thailand's largest island covering 570 square kilometers. Phuket Island is roughly the same size as Singapore. Consisting of 33 islands, Phuket is 48 kilometers in length and 21 kilometers at it's most widest point. Phuket is located in Southern Thailand, on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline. Phuket is linked to the mainland by a bridge. Phuket is approximately 890km in distance from the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Dubbed by the tourist industry as the "Pearl of the South", this idylic island is divided into 3 districts; Talang district is situated in the North, Kathu district in the west and Muang district in the south.

Phuket Population

As of March 2007, the general population of Phuket is estimated to be around 313,995 (source: Phuket Provincial Administration Office). The census indicates that Thai-Buddhists account for 71% of the total Phuket population, Malays 24% and Chao Leh 4%. The country's main source of income is tourism, however agriculture plays a vital role in the thai economy. The majority of the population is concentrated in Phuket City and Patong Beach.

Phuket Climate

Phuket is hot and humid throughout the year. The tropical weather pattern is commonly divided into 2 seasons. That is the dry season and the wet season. The dry season starts in April and ends in December - when the rainfall begins to increase. Regardless of it being the dry or wet season, Phuket's temperatures remain very consistent, on average 30c (86F). Phuket's climate is comparable in regards to Florida's summer temperatures and intensity of rain storms.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Phuket Shopping Tour

Phuket Tour Guides, offers a fantastic shopping tour. This day tour takes in a range of Phuket's department stores, superstores and markets. Take the opportunity to look for souvenirs or simply take advantage of the great shopping experience.

This tour includes private transport, picking you up from your hotel, traveling around the requested shopping areas and then back to your hotel. A tour guide - fluent in both Thai and English - will accompany you throughout the tour providing any assistance you should need. A break for lunch is also included in this tour.

The itinerary for the tour is set by you. Simply select the shopping centers you would like to visit during the day tour. We will organise the perfect tour for your needs, taking in all of the places you would like to visit.

Phuket department stores and shopping centers you could visit are listed below;

Phuket Department Stores
1. Centeral Festival - Phuket City
2. Robinsons - Phuket City
3. Ocean Shopping Mall - Phuket City
4. Phuket Shopping Centre - Phuket City
5. Ocean Plaza - Patong
6. Jungceylon Shopping Center - Patong

Phuket Superstores
1. Tesco-Lotus - Phuket City
2. Big C - Phuket City

Phuket Markets
1. Historical District - Phuket City
2. Taina Road - Kata
3. Patak Road - Karon
4. Bangla Road - Patong
5. Thaweewong, Beach Road - Patong
6. Paradise Complex - Patong
7. Ranong Road Market - Phuket City

If you are interested in this great Phuket shopping tour or have any questions, then please contact us. If you would like to visit a shopping center not listed above, we can arrange it for you.

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