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Friday, September 07, 2007

Promthep Cape Tour

'Prom' is the Thai word for the Hindu God, 'Brahma' which signifies purity. 'Thep' is the Thai word for 'God.' It has formally been referred to as, 'God's Cape' by the local Phuket people. Historically, Promthep Cape was a prominent feature for early seafarers, approaching Phuket from the sub-continents. Promthep Cape, is the most Southern point of Phuket Island. It is essentially, headland extending into the sea. This simply stunning location overlooks various Phuket Capes such as Kho Man, Rawai, Yanui and Nai Harn.

You will also find a lighthouse situated here, complete with viewing platform. Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse offers beautiful views into the sea, the surrounding capes and the South coast of Phuket. Inside the lighthouse you will find an interesting nautical museum. Next to the lighthouse you will find a Buddhist shrine, complete with elephant statues. A monument to the 28th Son of Rama V, The Prince of Jumborn, can also be viewed. After leaving for England to become a naval cadet - the Prince returned 6 years later to build the first military base in Phuket.

There are market stalls in the car park area, selling souvenirs, silk shirts, cotton shirts, t-shirts, hats etc. You will also find a Restaurant located at Promthep Cape. Promthep Cape is Phuket’s most popular viewpoint, particularly famous for it's truly spectacular sunsets. The sunset at Promthep Cape is a Phuket experience, which should not be missed.

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