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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Top 12 Phuket Tours

If you would like more information on any of these exciting Phuket tours or would like to book any services, please contact us. If you do not see the Phuket tour you are interested in please ask us. We can organise anything that you may require. 12 of our most popular Phuket tours are listed below. Please click on the links for more information on each tour.

Elephant Trekking

Rock Climbing

Phuket Tour Guides are the Phuket experts! We can make your holiday truly unforgettable. For anything Phuket related, we can help you. Just let us know what you require and we will make it a reality. You can contact us by email, phone or by online contact form.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Siam Safari 4-in-1 Tour

The Siam Safari 4-in-1 Tour, is an extremely popular family day out. This tour successfully combines fun, adventure and education. With so many activities to enjoy this tour ensures to hold your attention from beginning to end. The Siam Safari Tour, has been awarded international recognition for their excellent nature tours.

You will be transferred from your Hotel to the Siam Safari Elephant camp, by a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The elephant camp is located in the Chalong Highlands. Once at the camp you will begin by enjoying a 30 minute elephant ride through the hills. As you ride you will take in the stunning panoramic views across Phuket Island.

You will receive an informative guide to Siam Safari's elephant conservation project. The staff will introduce you to 3 of the elephants and you will be able to observe how they are cared for and also trained. The elephants will display some of the tricks they have learnt, you will then be able to reward them with bananas.

Next on the itinerary you will take a nature canoe along the river, through the mangroves and out into Chalong Bay. This is perfectly safe, there will be a support boat following your journey along the river. You will also be supplied with a life jacket and any other safety equipment you may need. The third activity involves you paying a visit to a local Thai home. Here you will observe a live demonstration of how to prepare a Thai Jungle Curry.

The fourth activity involves a visit to a rubber plantation, where you will learn how natural rubber is produced. Following this interesting activity, you will learn how monkeys are trained to pick coconuts. On the conclusion of this presentation, you will have the opportunity to experience a ride in a traditional cart, pulled by a buffalo. The tour ends with an appetizing buffet lunch or dinner.

If you would like to book this wonderful Phuket Tour, please contact us today! You will find our contact information below;

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Services Do Phuket Tour Guides Offer?

Phuket Tour Guides are the local experts in everything Phuket related. We offer a wide range of tourism and business services, designed to meet your needs. We provide a high quality professional service. If you require help with anything not listed we can help you! Please contact us with any queries you may have.

  • Phuket Day Tours
  • Private Tour Guide Service
  • Phuket Cultural Tours
  • Phuket Sightseeing Tours
  • Phuket Adventure Tours
  • Phuket VIP Tours
  • Private Escorted Tours
  • Phuket Hotel Booking
  • Phuket Island Excursions
  • Chartered Boat & Yacht Service
  • Phuket Nightlife
  • Private Transportation
  • Phuket Diving Tours
  • Phuket Snorkeling Tours
  • Phuket Airport Pick-up Service
  • Phuket Concierge Services
  • Professional Business Services
  • Conference Organisation
  • Phuket Property Advertising
  • Phuket Business Advertising

We are the Phuket experts and can help you with anything you require! We have extensive links within the Phuket business community. Therefore, we are able to provide any services you need! If you have any questions or would like to book any services, please email us, complete the online contact form or call us. Our contact details can be found below;

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Koh Surin

The Koh Surin archipelago, covers an area of 135 square kilometers. Laying in the Andaman Sea, it is situated 53 kilometers from the mainland Ranong Province. Additionally, it is located approximately 60km off the west coast of Phang Nga Province. It is also 100km north of the Similan Islands.

Koh Surin is an archipelago of 5 islands. Those are; Koh Surin Nuea, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri, Koh Khai, and Koh Klang. These 5 islands lie just south of the border with Burma.

The 2 most prominent islands - Koh Surin Nua (Northern Island) and Koh Surin Tai (Southern Island) - are separated only by a 200 metre wide straight. Both of the islands are renown for their beautiful white sands and dense forests.

The crystal clear water surrounding these islands, are famed for their quality for diving and snorkeling opportunities. The other islands are characterised as being rather rocky and covered sparsely with vegetation.

The Koh Surin Islands were totally uninhabited right up until the World War II era. When, in 1981 the region was re-classed as a National Park, people were still slow to re-locate to the area. Numbers of residents, at this time, reached around a few hundred. However, in the modern day era, the area is thriving with officials being stationed on Koh Surin Nua. Koh Surin Tai, is now also home to a small Chao Le fishing community.

The beautiful reefs of Koh Surin, are the main attractions for nature excursions as well as game fishing and the abundant marine life. The local tourism authorities are effectively safe guarding the reefs by installing mooring to buoys. This is a practical method of reducing the anchor damage to the reefs.

If you would like to enjoy the snorkeling, diving or game fishing activities available at this paradise, please contact us. We can book tours and provide any information you may require.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands (Thai: เกาะสิมิลัน) is a group of islands located in the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Phang Nga Province. "Similan" is a Yawi word, which simply means "nine". This region is also a National Park, which was established in 1982. The National Park is a archipelago, made up of 9 islands.

Counting in order, beginning from the North;
Ko Ba-Ngu (Number 9), Ko Similan (Number 8), Ko Payu (Number 7), Ko Miang Sam (Number 6), Ko Miang Song (Number 5), Ko Miang (Number 4), Ko Payan (Number 3), Ko Payang (Number 2) and Ko Hu Yong (Number 1).

Additionally, there is a small rock outcrop, situated between number 7 and number 8. This area is known as Elephant Head Rock.

The Similan Islands, are home to the largest variety and numbers of Reef Fish, in Thailand. Here you will also find at least 200 species of hard coral. The Islands are renown for their stunning mass of coral, the natural beaches and the crystal-clear blue waters. This is a wonderfully idyllic place to relax aboard a boat or to enjoy the dive sites.

Ko Similan is the largest of the 9 islands. It's horseshoe shape partly encircles a small bay in the West. Along with the wonderful underwater scenery, you may also participate in some hiking. The Island has the largest granite outcrop in the Similan archipelago, which provides panoramic views across the area.

The Similan Islands are situated approximately 70 kilometers from Phang Nga Town. The best route to journey to the Similan Islands is from Khao Lak, based in the Phang Nga Province. Boats depart on a daily basis from November to May each year. If you take a slow boat to the Similan Islands, expect your journey to take 3 hours each way. If you instead opt for a speed boat, the traveling time is reduced to 70 minutes each way.

The Similan National Park, is one of the most prominent dive sites in the whole of Thailand. It offers 2 diverse diving experiences. There is a great contrast in underwater conditions, when comparing the eastern and western sides of the islands. The dive site to the west, is most famous for it's huge underwater granite boulders. The exposed boulders are clad in coral. There are many options to explore with a labyrinth of swim-throughs. Here you can reach depths of 30m. It is recommended to swim with a guide in order to navigate all of the fascinating passages. This truly is an opportunity for you to experience a thrilling dive.

On the Eastern side, the underwater boulders have been largely buried by the fine sand. The sand slopes to reveal bewitching hard coral gardens. You may also visit the popular dive sites, such as North Point, Deep Six, Boulder City and the stunning peaks located off Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. The greatest dive site, can be found in the Surin National Park. Richelieu Rock, is noted for it's exciting variety of marine life.

If you would like to book a tour to the Similan Islands, or would like more information, then please contact us. We can provide you with any information you may require.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Muay Thai - Thai Boxing In Phuket

Experience Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai. Also known as, "The Art of the Eight Limbs" this is the Thai form of hard martial art. It is often referred to as "The Science of Eight Limbs" as the hands, elbows, knees and shins are all used extensively in this art. Therefore, a Muay Thai fighter may execute strikes using "eight points of contact" as opposed to "two points of contact" in western boxing. Those points of contact, being the two fists used in combat.

Muay Thai has a long standing and fascinating history in Thailand. The Thai army also use a modified version of Muay Thai, called Lerdrit. Traditional Muay Thai practiced today, incorporates kicks and punches - in a ring - with gloves similar to those used in western boxing bouts.

Muay Thai is an extremely popular spectator sport in Thailand. It is also a world renown martial art sport. The origin of Muay Thai can be traced back to it's ancestor Muay Boran. This translates to "Ancient Boxing". Muay Boran, was a form of unarmed combat, employed by Siamese soldiers. This was used in conjunction with Krabi Krabong, a weapon based style of combat.

The practice of Muay Thai was over time, upheld by Buddhist monks, who were the keepers and teachers of all arts - which were both practical and spiritual. Every Thai man is encouraged to live and follow the practices of the Buddhist monks at least once during their life time. This is a major factor in why Muay Thai grew in popularity among the common people.

Muay Thai continues to be a practical fighting technique for warfare. It has thrived and grown as a sport, throughout Thailand and the world. The entertainment it brings to spectators, ensures that it is an integral part of local festivals and celebrations. It has also long been entertainment for Kings of Thailand.

When you visit Phuket and Thailand, ensure that you experience the excitement and drama of a live Muay Thai fight. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to view a cultural phenomenon. You will also observe the pre-fight Wai Khru ritual. This is based on the sabre dance of Krabi Krabong. This is a traditional way in which respect is shown to the teachers and trainers. Historically, the Wai Khru was performed, when fighting in the presence of the King, as a way of apologising for the brutality in the fighting.

The fighter will first circle the ring 3 times before kneeling and bowing 3 times as a sign of respect to God and Man. He will also bow to Buddha, in order to ask for protection for himself and his opponent. He will also ask for an honourable fight.

The fighter will then perform the Ram Muay, which is simple movements designed to demonstrate their control and style. Each of the fighters will perform the Ram Muay on each side of the ring, to demonstrate their prowess to the audience. The Ram Muay, is a very personal ritual. It may range from being very simple to very complex. The style provides an insight into who trained the fighter and where they originate from.

If you would like to experience a live Muay Thai fight, there are regular bouts in both Phuket Town and Patong. If you would like to book tickets or would like more information, please contact us. We can provide any details you may require.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Phuket Island & Phuket City Tour

Explore Phuket with this awe-inspiring island and city tour. This is a fantastic chance for you to take in the picturesque beauty of Phuket. You will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide, who will be able to provide commentary. You will be driven along the beach roads of Patong, Karon, Kata and Rawai. Stopping along the way at Phuket's finest attractions and viewpoints.

You will be visiting the famous view point, which provides stunning panoramic views of the bays of Kata Noi, Kata, Karon and Kho Poo Island. You will also drive around Phuket Town, taking in the Sino-Portuguese style buildings. The tour will stop at Wang Thalang Lapidary, a Phuket gem factory.

You travel 8kms south-east of Phuket Town, to view Wat Chalong. This is the largest and most ornate of the 29 Buddhist Monasteries in Phuket. Statues of Luang Por Chuang, Luang Por Gluam and other monks - who were Abbots of the temple in later years - are enshrined here. The monks are highly revered are recipients of offerings by the people of Phuket.

You will experience the extraordinary Gypsy Village at Rawai Beach. This is an excellent cultural experience. You will also visit the Cashew Nut Factory, where you will be able to sample the produce.

The tour will finish with the beautiful sunset views, available at Promthep Cape. This is the most Southern point of Phuket Island. It is essentially, headland extending into the sea. This simply stunning location overlooks various Phuket Capes such as Kho Man, Rawai, Yanui and Nai Harn.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Phuket Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Blue Canyon Country Club

Blue Canyon is an exclusive Phuket Country Club. Located in 720 acres of secluded valley, the club is overlooked by the impressive Phang Nga mountains and the dazzling Andaman Sea. The prestige of the club is evident in playing host to the Johnnie Walker Classics in 1994 & 1998 and also the Honda Invitational in 1996. The club has won a number of international awards for excellence, such as the "Asian & Pacific Golf Course of the Year 1999" and the "Top 500 Best Holes In The World" for it's par 3, 17th hole.
The premier golf course in the region, offers a selection of courses suitable for all players. These are the 18 holes Championship course, Canyon Course and Lakes Course. The spectacular design of Blue Canyon, accommodates natural hazards to challenge golfers of all levels and abilities.

Golfing legends Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Nick Faldo, Bernhard Langer, Fred Couples and Ian Woonam have all competed professionally on this course. Tiger Woods has been quoted as saying that Blue Canyon is, "One of the best i have ever played on" Johnnie Walker Classic tournament, 1998.
The spectacular surroundings are not restricted to the golf course. The luxurious impact continues in the clubhouse. Here you will find deluxe changing facilities, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and massage practitioners. You can also participate in the golf school, enjoy a game of tennis or take a swim in the plush swimming pool. The club house offers exquisite Thai, Japanese and International cuisine.

Laguna Phuket Golf Course

Laguna Phuket Golf Club, is an 18-hole, par-71 resort course. Designed by Max Wexler and David Abell, this course measures 6,663 yards from the back tees and 5,476 yards from the forward tees. The golf course features a fantastic mix of coconut groves, fairways and scenic lagoons. Stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains complete the fantastic background!

Water is a feature on 13 of the 18 holes. This Makes for an exciting round, as you try to avoid veering shots from disappearing into the water. Set in tropical surroundings, you will enjoy not only the first-class golf course but also the superb facilities available within Laguna Phuket - Asia's first fully integrated resort development.

Laguna Phuket Golf Club, is perfect for the experienced and also the novice golfer. The course presents a challenge for everyone regardless of your level of expertise. There are specialist practice facilities for when you would like to brush up on your skills. The facilities include, a covered golfing area suitable for protection against sun and rain. The club also boasts a full length driving range, putting greens, practice bunkers and chipping areas. For beginners, the Club offers professional golf tuition.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rock Climbing At Railay Beach

Located on the Krabi coastline, Railay has long been popular with climbers. The imposing limestone rocks, are part of the world's largest coral reef, which extends from China right down to Papua New Guinea. The limestone cliffs overlook stunning beaches and a collection of uniquely shaped islands. The crags and overhangs provide the perfect climbing environment for climbers of all abilities.

Climbers will never tire of this superb climbing area as there are over 300 routes available for you to experience. The French grading system is enforced ranging from beginners 5a's to classic multi-pitch 6a's to the advanced extremes of 8a's. As you progress as a climber, so will the available climbing routes which you can enjoy.

The rock climbing experience at Railay Beach, is a fantastic opportunity for climber's of all levels. It serves as a great place to be introduced to the basics of rock climbing. At the same time, it is an area where advanced climbers will thrive and be challenged.

All specialised rock climbing equipment is provided when you undertake your rock climbing course. The climbing equipment is imported, especially from Europe and America. It is consistently maintained and upgraded to ensure that it meets all safety standards. All of the guides have a minimum of 5 years climbing experience and are accredited by the ACGA. They are also trained and certified in First Aid and emergency rescue procedures.

The courses are lead by the finest climbing school established in Thailand. The climbing school has a long standing reputation for safety and high quality teaching standards. It attracts climbers of all ages and abilities from around the world. The exciting courses range from an introductory session to a full 3 days.

This tour involves a transfer, by air conditioned vehicle, to and from the climbing center. You will be accompanied by an English speaking guide throughout the course. Lunch is also provided, when you attend the rock climbing course on a full-day basis.

If you would like more information on the rock climbing tour, please contact us. You can find our contact details below;

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Koh Rang Yai

Koh Rang Yai, is a beautiful island located off the east coast of Phuket. It is approximately 5kms from the Boat Lagoon Harbour. The journey from Phuket to Koh Rang Yai, is only 15 minutes by speed boat. The island was a popular destination for local fishermen, because of the plentiful "Pla Lang" or "Lang Fish". The name of the island originated from the local people who popularly referred to it as "Rang Island". This name has remained until the present day.

This uninhabited island covering 275 Rai, is covered with coconut and pine trees. In 1990, Richy Island Phuket Co., Ltd became the official proprietor of Koh Rang Yai. The island was then successfully operated as an eco-tourism destination. The island is famed for it's excellent "Phuket Pearl Farm" which exports quality pearls around the world. Visitors are able to view a live demonstration of how pearls are cultured, harvested and turned into stunning pieces of jewellery. The island has a fantastic showroom, where you can purchase pearls and jewellery.

Koh Rang Yai, is a wonderful destination for day excursions and also camping expeditions. There are a variety of activities for you to enjoy during your visit. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, golf, hiking, volley ball and much more. The island provides a great day out for families and people of all ages.

This tour involves hotel transfers - on your departure and arrival - to the pier, a trip by speed boat to the island, leisure activities and also lunch. For booking information please contact us today. Our contact information can be found below;

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Explore Phuket By ATV

This tour offers a fantastic opportunity to explore Phuket by ATV. ATV is an abbreviation of "All Terrain Vehicle" which is a small open motorized buggie or tricycle - designed specifically for off-road use. The rider sits on the ATV and operates the vehicle much like a motorbike. The extra wheels are designed to offer the vehicle more stability, when traveling at slow speeds or over rough terrain.

Safety of all riders is of paramount importance, which is why safety measures are exercised throughout the tour. There is a pre-ride safety instruction session, safety course orientation, a guide and a chaser on every ride, support vehicles complete with first aid kits and tools, certified first aid and CPR guides and chasers and communication equipment such as walkie talkies.

This tour operates daily all year around. It makes for an exciting day regardless of the weather. Follow your guide and discover Phuket's beautiful scenery. Your guide will lead you through the stunning countryside, along paths & trails running through tropical forests, through rubber plantations and unknown beaches. This is a unique chance to learn about Phuket's ecosystem, local plants and unspoilt environment.

If you would like to experience more adventure, maybe you will be interested in extending your time to the 2 hour advanced tour. On this exciting tour you will advance your ATV riding skills by taking more demanding off-road trails. You will ride your ATV over sandy, hilly, flooded and mountainous trails. Then ride on the public road through a variety of local villages. Here you will be able to observe the local lifestyle, plants and environment.

1 Hour ATV Tour Schedule

11.00 am – 12.00 am, 02.00 pm – 03.00 pm, 05.00 pm – 06.00 pm

  • Pick up from your hotel by air-con minibus/car to Phuket ATV Park.
  • Registration & briefing at ATV welcome camp.
  • Tour starts by riding on gravel trail to cover riding in curve, figure of 8, large oval and small circle.
  • Take an exciting ride on incline and muddy trails.
  • Enjoy riding over bumpy, narrow and rugged trails. Also maneuver your ATV over obstacles among great environment of local plantations and tropical forest.
  • Return to the ATV camp for refreshment, fresh fruits and cold beverages and then a transfer back to your hotel.

Protective gears (helmet and glove), rain coat (on rainy day), drinking water, fruits in season and insurance for rider & passenger (ATV’s damages not covered).

What To Bring:
Sport wear (be prepared to get muddy), sport shoes, sun block, sun cap, sunglasses and insect spray.

2 Hour ATV Tour Schedule

09.00 am – 11.00 am, 12.00 am – 02.00 pm, 03.00 pm – 05.00 pm


  • Pick up from your hotel by air-con minibus/car to Phuket ATV Park.
  • Registration & briefing at ATV welcome camp.
  • Tour starts by riding on gravel trail to cover riding in curve, figure of 8, large oval and small circle.
  • Experience riding your ATV along exciting incline and muddy trails.
  • Enjoy riding over bumpy, narrow and rugged trails. Also maneuver your ATV over obstacles among great environment of local plantations and tropical forest.
  • Back to ATV camp for refreshment, fresh fruits and cold beverages
  • The real adventure starts where the road ends, where you can experience the harder level by riding in the advanced off-road station including zigzag, sandy, hilly, flooded and mountainous trails. This is a fantastic opportunity to cover the more advanced skills of ATV riding.
  • Cool down your ATV and yourselves by riding on the public road through the countryside of local village where you still can see a Land of Thousand Smiles and be able to observe their life style and plantations.
  • Back to the ATV camp, enjoy fresh fruits in season and cold beverages and transfer to your hotel.


Protective gears (helmet and glove), rain coat (on rainy day), drinking water, fruits in season and insurance for rider & passenger (ATV’s damages not covered).

What To Bring:

Sport wear (ready to get muddy), sport shoes, sun block, sun cap, sunglasses and insect spray.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

How Can Phuket Tour Guides Help Me?

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We are the Phuket experts and can help you with anything that you may require. Please contact us today for more information on any of our Phuket services.

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