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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rock Climbing At Railay Beach

Located on the Krabi coastline, Railay has long been popular with climbers. The imposing limestone rocks, are part of the world's largest coral reef, which extends from China right down to Papua New Guinea. The limestone cliffs overlook stunning beaches and a collection of uniquely shaped islands. The crags and overhangs provide the perfect climbing environment for climbers of all abilities.

Climbers will never tire of this superb climbing area as there are over 300 routes available for you to experience. The French grading system is enforced ranging from beginners 5a's to classic multi-pitch 6a's to the advanced extremes of 8a's. As you progress as a climber, so will the available climbing routes which you can enjoy.

The rock climbing experience at Railay Beach, is a fantastic opportunity for climber's of all levels. It serves as a great place to be introduced to the basics of rock climbing. At the same time, it is an area where advanced climbers will thrive and be challenged.

All specialised rock climbing equipment is provided when you undertake your rock climbing course. The climbing equipment is imported, especially from Europe and America. It is consistently maintained and upgraded to ensure that it meets all safety standards. All of the guides have a minimum of 5 years climbing experience and are accredited by the ACGA. They are also trained and certified in First Aid and emergency rescue procedures.

The courses are lead by the finest climbing school established in Thailand. The climbing school has a long standing reputation for safety and high quality teaching standards. It attracts climbers of all ages and abilities from around the world. The exciting courses range from an introductory session to a full 3 days.

This tour involves a transfer, by air conditioned vehicle, to and from the climbing center. You will be accompanied by an English speaking guide throughout the course. Lunch is also provided, when you attend the rock climbing course on a full-day basis.

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