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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Phang Nga Bay

Just a few miles north-east of Phuket, located in the Andaman Sea, you will find the enchanting Phang-nga Bay. The bay lies between the island of Phuket and also the mainland of the Malay peninsula of Southern Thailand. More than 100 islands make up Phang-nga. Their geology is truly unique to each of these island. They range from low lying to sloping hills to limestone karsts rising dramatically from the emerald sea. The spectacular landscape of Phang-nga ensures that this is a world famous landmark.

Phang-nga is the fantastic setting for many unforgettable tours and activities. When you visit Phang-nga, you can be assured that there is an abundance of magical things to see and do. This is an ideal tour destination for all the family - both young and old. Below we have listed the 'must see' areas of phang-nga and also the various 'must do' activities;

1.- James Bond Island
Ko Tapu - A location immortalized in the 1974 James Bond movie, "The Man With The Golden Gun." This famous connection is the reason why the island is popularly referred to as "James Bond Island."

Links: James Bond Island & view a video of the tour

2.- Koh Pannyi (Sea Gypsy Island)
This is a remarkable floating village, built entirely over the water and supported by stilts. The village was built around 200 years ago, by 3 muslim families who had emigrated from Indonesia. They were unable to live on the mainland of Thailand - as the Buddhist population did not want any muslims to settle there. Which is why they settled on the sea itself and developed the "sea gypsy" village. Today, the village compromises of a mosque, health center, school and much more. Tourists visiting this unique area, can explore the village, eat in the restaurants and shop for souvenirs.

3.- Sea Canoe: Explore The Hongs By Night
This special tour is the perfect opportunity to canoe in Phang Nga and enjoy your surroundings by day and by night. Explore the limestone caves, which can only be entered by canoe when the tide is just right. Once darkness falls, the amazing Hong by Starlight tour begins. No torches are required, three natural light sources provide a memory that will last forever.

Links: More information on this sea canoe tour

4.- John Gray Sea Canoe
John Gray's Sea Canoe is an intimate marine experience exploring some of nature's most stunning and distinct creations. Sea kayaks glide through secret caves and narrow passages that lead into a network of lagoons enclosed by tall limestone cliffs. This is an wonderful tour and one that will remain in your memory for life.

Links: View a video of this special tour

5.- Kayaking In Phang Nga

The strange and beautiful limestone scenery of Phang Nga has hundreds of tiny islands, many uninhabited, which contain hidden caves, tunnels and interior lagoons (known locally as "hongs."). This stunning world of caves, tunnels and "hongs" can be explored safely and with minimum disturbance to the natural habitat, by canoe. No need to paddle, your licensed guides will take you through these mysterious caves, emerging suddenly into a mystical interior lagoon, open to the sky.

Links: More information on the Phang-nga kayaking tour

6.- White Water Rafting
Whitewater rafting, relatively new to Thailand, and is especially good during the months from June to November which have higher rainfall. This tour, in Southern Thailand's beautiful Phang Nga province, takes you on an action packed ride along mountain rivers fringed with forest. Also included is a visit to the Phang Nga Breeding Center and the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary. This tour also includes an exciting elephant ride through the jungle.

Links: More information on the white water rafting tour

7.- Speed Boat Trip To Phang nga

Phang Nga Bay is where verdant limestone islands, honeycombed with caves and aquatic grottos, soar perpendicularly to heights of 984 feet. A distinctive feature of Phang Nga bay being the sheer limestone cliffs rising out of the tranquil waters. An alternative way to explore Phang Nga bay is by speed boat by luxury speed boat for a smoother and faster ride in a comfort style. A tour will include a visit to Pearl Farm on the island then on to explore Hng Island, James Bond Island.

Links: More information on this speedboat Tour

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