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Monday, October 22, 2007

Phuket Concierge Service

Phuket Tour Guides, provides a fantastic concierge service. We can deal with almost any tasks that you may require help with. Be it business or personal tasks, we have the skills and connections to help you.

1.- Phuket Home Assistance
Here are some examples of the home assistance services we provide in Phuket;

- Assist you in finding a home in Phuket
- Help you to move home
- Checking personal items into storage
- Organising deliveries to your home
- Order and organise delivery of shopping
- Organise babysitters/nannies
- Organise household staff, cleaning staff or maintenance staff
- Organise purchases for your home
- Paying bills online
- Organising paperwork
.... Anything you require help with

2.- Phuket Personal Tasks
Here are some examples of personal services we offer in Phuket;

- Organise your diary
- Manage your emails
- Correspondence with friends, family, etc
- Restaurant reservations
- Hotel reservations
- Organise spa, salon, music reservations
- Organise Phuket holidays
- Organise Phuket tours
- Organise Phuket tour guides
- Organise an interpreter
- Medical appointments
- Personal purchases
- Organise gifts
- Reminder service
- Organise travel arrangements
- Organise invitations
- Organise dry cleaning services
- Car hire
- Chauffeur service
.... Anything you require help with

3.- Phuket Purchasing Tasks
Examples of our purchasing services in Phuket;

- Books
- Computers & computer accessories
- Deliveries
- Flowers
- Domain names & hosting space
- Music
- Furniture, office equipments
- Researching prices, rates, services & comparisons
- Toys
.... Anything you require help with

4.- Phuket & International Travel Tasks
Examples of our travel services we offer in Phuket;

- Booking cars, taxis & flights
- Finding travel deals
- Making hotel arrangements
- Checking travel times
- Travel information
- Travel planning & itineraries
- Paperwork - Travel documents, Visas, Travel Insurance
- Lost luggage delivery
.... Anything you require help with

5.- Phuket Business Tasks

Examples of business services we offer in Phuket;

- Organise appointments
- Diary management
- Email management
- Voicemail management
- Correspondence - Business & Private
- Editing & Formatting
- Word processing
- Presentations
- Transcribing
- Data entry
.... Anything you require help with

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