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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snorkeling At Raya Island

Located approximately 12 miles off the southern coast of Phuket Island, Raya Island provides a beautiful setting for snorkeling tours. The white sands are immaculate and the water crystal clear. This truly is a haven of paradise.

On the eastern side of Raya Island, in Ao Kon Kae Bay, you will find a coral reef which offers fantastic opportunities for both snorkeling and diving. This is a unique chance to explore the marine life residing in the tranquil waters. Raya Island is a year round resort, ensuring that you can enjoy your visit no matter the month or season.

Raya Island is perfectly unspoilt and natural. There are no roads - only dirt tracks - eliminating traffic. Therefore, everything on this small Island is easily accessible on foot. Typically, the island climate is dry and sunny. When it rains, the vegetation on the Island provides a refreshingly cool climate.

Part of the Raya Island experience is the sea journey there! Raya island is just 30-45 minutes by speedboat from Ao Chalang Pier.

Contact us today for more information on this exciting tour! We can tailor your trip to your exact requirements. Taking in the activities you would like to do at your own pace. We can also organise a private boat hire service. We can make your dream tour reality!

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