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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phuket Bucks & Hens -

Phuket Bucks & Hens are tour specialists for those who are coming to Phuket for their bucks or hens holiday.

If you are getting married in Phuket, they can also arrange any pre-wedding tours you would like for your wedding guests.

If you are attending a wedding in Phuket, they can also make sure you get the best out of your free time.

Tours can be tailored made to your exact requirements simply contact Phuket Bucks & Hens.

Phuket Bucks Tours

1. Adventure Tours for Bucks Days

2. Boat Tours For Bucks Days

3. Bucks Night In Phuket
  • Bucks Night in Patong - The ultimate bucks night out in Patong (Information)

Phuket Hens Tours

1. Boat Tours For Hen Days

2. Pampering Tours For Hen Days

3. Day Tours For Hen Groups

4. Hens Night Tours In Phuket





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