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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Early Check Out At Your Phuket Hotel? What To Do...

If you have an early check out from your Phuket hotel and have free time before you need to be at the airport - we can help. Rather than finding somewhere to wait with your luggage until it is time to leave for the airport; why not take a private tour and then transfer to the airport at the end? We can cater for everyone - from single travellers to large groups.

Advantages of The Early Check Out Private Tour
  • Rather than waiting around until it is time to leave for the airport - make the most of your last few hours in Phuket.
  • Take your luggage with you during the tour - so you do not have the problem of finding somewhere safe to hold it until you are ready to leave for the airport.
  • This is an ideal solution if you have children. A private tour will keep your whole family/group entertained for the remainder of your time in Phuket.
  • The tour can be fully customized - so we can follow your exact itinerary and go to places you want to visit/see.
  • At the end of your tour we will transfer you to the airport. Everything will be taken care of so you just have to enjoy your tour.

What Will The Tour Include?
  • Private Transport
  • Private Tour Guide/Driver
  • Private Tour of Phuket
  • Pick Up From Your Hotel
  • Transfer To The Airport (at the end of your tour)

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Work With Us To Plan Your Early Check Out Private Tour

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