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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Phuket Bungy Jumping

The ultimate adrenaline tour - bungy jumping in Phuket. This exciting tour is available 7 days a week from 9am - 6pm. You will have the option of 5 different bungy experiences;

  1. Bungy Jump
  2. Tandem Bungy
  3. Catapult Bungy
  4. Backwards Bungy
  5. Water Touch Bungy

Bungy Jump Procedures

You will be bungy jumping at a height of 50 metres over water. If you would like to be dunked in the water this can be arranged.

You will be asked to fill out insurance forms before being weighed, so that everything can be prepared for your jump.

Your harness will be strapped to your ankles. Everything will fully checked by a registered jump master before your bungy jump.

You will then enter the jump cage. This is a sliding lift which is attached to the crane shaft. You will then begin your climb to the maximum jump height of 50 meters.

Once the bungy jump is over, you will receive a certificate of courage to commemorate the day.

Safety Information:

The bungy jump has been operating in Phuket for 18 years. It is fully licensed and insured bungy jump, which is compliant with strict regulations in relation to bungy equipment and it's safety procedures. The bungy jump is overseen by a registered S.A.N.Z Jump Master.

Contact Information:

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